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UPDATED: February 2, 2016



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 NEW  January 21, 2016

Policy speech by Foreign Minister Kishida at JIIA Forum Japan’s Diplomacy in 2016

 NEW  January 20, 2016

Seminar for Japanese Language Students in Egypt: My Work Experience At Japanese Organization in Egypt - To Explore Opportunity For Working in Japanese Organization (Sunday, 21 January, 2016, from 6:00 pm)

►December 17, 2015

Grassroots Assistance Opening Ceremony of Upgraded Zein Abdeen Primary School in Saida Zainab Supported by Japan 


►December 14, 2015

Exchange Notes of Japanese Grant Aid “The Project for Construction of Outpatient Facility at Cairo University Specialized Pediatric Hospital”


►December 14, 2015

Japan Foundation Exhibition “STRUGGLING CITIES: From Japanese Urban Projects in the 1960s” and Special Events related to the Exhibition (December 14 ~ 22, at Gezira Art Centre – Free Admission)


►November 24, 2015

Grassroots Assistance Japan Supports Community Based Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities  


►November 24, 2015

The 16th International Animation Festival -  HIROSHIMA 2016, (August 18 - 22, 2016)


►November 10, 2015

Announcement about schedule of Japanese Films to be screened from 13th to 20th November, 2015 during 37th Cairo International Film Festival


►November 1, 2015

"Japanese Martial Arts (Budo) Demonstration event" (Thursday, 12 November, 6:00 pm)


►October 15, 2015

Invitation to Lecture of "Postwar Japan: The Democratic and Pacifist Legacy in a 70-year Perspective" by Prof. Dr. Yuichi Hosoya, Professor of International Politics at Keio University, Tokyo (22 October at Cairo University)



















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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


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Information Bulletin- JAPAN

Issued by Information and Culture Center, Embassy of Japan in Egypt


2016 1st (No.302)

Special Issue: Japanese Martial Arts




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Information on Great East Japan Earthquake

Japan is Open for Business and Travel」


 NEW  Commemoration of the 4th Anniversary (March 2015 at Embassy of Japan in Cairo)

 NEW  Oosunaarashi’s visit to Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture (FEB 2015)

The Road to Recovery〜Recovery and Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake〜(Video)

The Road to Recovery〜Recovery and Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake〜

The Process and Prospects for Reconstruction

Egypt and Japan in One Heart (10 March 2014: Summary)

Information on Recovery (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website)

Great East Japan Earthquake (Website of the Prime Minister's Office)

Earthquake Information

Reconstruction from the Disaster - Three Years after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami -Comprehensive Information on Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

Oosunaarashi's visit on February 13, 2014 to Iwaki City in Fukushima Prefecture with Egyptian people's messages. Its DVD with Arabic subtitle was screened in the Embassy of Japan in Cairo on March 10, 2014 in the event commemorating the three years after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.


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