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 Governmental Comprehensive Guide on Japan


  • Web Japan [ http://web-japan.org ]
    Web Japan is an official site of the Government of Japan for providing comprehensive information on Japan

  • E-Stat [ http://www.e-stat.go.jp/SG1/estat/eStatTopPortalE.do ]
    E-Stat is a portal site of the Government Statistics for Japan Statistics.

  • “TOKYO Past and Present” [ http://web-japan.org/tokyo/top.html ]
    Insights into the life and Culture of modern Tokyo and its former incarnation Edo, the shogun’s capital of which 2003 marks the 400th anniversary. Tokyo Past and Present also provides suggestions for visitors and tips on enjoying a stay in Tokyo.

  • “NIPPONIA Discovering Japan” [ http://web-japan.org/nipponia/index.html ]
    NIPPONIA is a quarterly magazine introducing contemporary Japanese Culture and society to people all over the world (available online in English, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish and Russian.) The print version of the magazine is available at Japanese Embassies and Consulates.

  • “Trends in Japan” [ http://web-japan.org/trends/index.html ]
    Short, engaging dispatches on the latest trends in Japanese business and economy; science and education; society; sports; and fashions, arts, and entertainment. Monthly features give you a more in-depth look at what’s happening in Japan.

  • “Japan Fact Sheet” [ http://web-japan.org/factsheet/index.html ]
    Concise introductions of typical topics related to themes such as Japanese geography, economy and culture.

  • “Japan Atlas” [ http://web-japan.org/atlas/index.html ]
    Japan Atlas offers easy access to the unique features of Japan by clicking “Index by Region” and/or 7 areas of interest; Historic Sites, Festivals, Architecture, Nature, Traditional Crafts, Advanced Technology and Communities.

  • “The Virtual Museum” [ http://web-japan.org/museum/menu.html ]
    The Virtual Museum of Traditional Japanese Arts offers a comprehensive view of traditional Japanese culture and pastimes. Among the works of art shown are many that have been designated national treasures.

  • “Regions & Cities” [ http://web-japan.org/region/index.html ]
    Take a virtual tour of Japan by accessing information resources and Web sites of Japan’s prefectures and major cities. Each prefecture is introduced with data and photos of local features.

  • “KIDS WEB JAPAN” [ http://web-japan.org/kidsweb/index.html ]
    A cool site for exploring Japan virtually. Get answers to questions, glance at the annual calendar and see what’s happening, check out the news or see what’s cool now in Japan.

  • “Japan Links” [ http://web-japan.org/links/index.html ]
    Contact Information for government-affiliated bodies, nongovernmental organizations and more. Links to administration, industry, media, society, culture and education.

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