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(March 18&19)Business Dialogue with Japanese food companies with “Japan Foodbiz In Egypt” and 100 years’ anniversary of the Egyptian rice cultivation originated from in Egypt etc.










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<Background of the Event>

The Government of Japan promotes the investment of the Japanese food companies in Egypt and it will contribute to the developing Egyptian economy.

Egypt is one of the largest population and economy countries in the MENA region and there is high potential of growing the Egyptian food industry. Nowadays the exporting of Egyptian food products to the Middle East, GULF, Europe, Africa and Asia (including Japan) has been increasing and promoting the investment of Japanese companies in Egypt will lead to enhance the reaching of Egyptian food products to the Japanese market after  boosting business with Japanese companies in food industry. On the other hand, there are over 50 restaurants in Egypt which provide the Japanese cuisine (Sushi , Tempra, Teppan-yaki, Japanese Sweets and alcohol etc.) and it becomes familiar to the Egyptians.
The above-mentioned points are the reasons why Japanese companies are interested in the Egyptian food sector.


Moreover, Egyptian rice cultivation is one of the most important agricultural sector in Egypt. The varieties of the short grain rice (Japonica variety) are originated from Japan, which is not well known in Egypt. In 1917, Egyptian Government started the cultivation rice with utilizing Japanese rice varieties and Egyptian local rice varieties. Nowadays rice is very popular food for Egyptians as Kosheri, Mahshi and the other rice cuisines. The Egyptian Government and the Embassy of Japan would like to celebrate the 100 years of cultivating rice in Egypt originated from the Japanese varieties, that means the relation between Egypt and Japan in the agricultural sector is over 100 years.


Finally, the Egyptian Government and the Embassy of Japan would like to celebrate the publishing of a book named “Irrigated Agriculture in Egypt - past, present and future-“ which is authored by  both Egyptian and Japanese researchers through the long term co-research projects in Egypt. This book mentions the history of the irrigated agriculture in Egypt before the construction of the Aswan High Dam and after it, and provides the recommendation of the challenges for  sustainable agriculture and irrigation in Egypt.


1 Date

 18th(Sat) and 19th(Sun), March 2017


2 Organizer

Organizer: The Embassy of Japan in Egypt

[Japanese side] JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization), JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science), JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)
[Egyptian side] EJBC (EGYPT-JAPAN BUSINESS COUNCIL), EJB (Egyptian Junior Business Association)


3 Venue

InterContinental Cairo Citystars, Al Hambra Ballroom (BF 2)


(The location and more information, please refer to the external link)




4 The Contents of the Event

Please refer the Agenda and layout of the Event (URL link)

(1)The Business dialogue with Japanese food companies and Egyptian Businessmen [during 2 days]

B to B business dialogue with Japanese food companies (Restaurant, food products, food processing and trading etc.)


(2) The Symposium of the 100 years’ Anniversary of the Yabani rice* cultivation [Day 1st (March 18th)]

* Egyptian rice originated from Japan


Including introduction of the Japanese cuisine





The logo for the celebration of the 100 years’ anniversary of Yabani rice (link to Logo PDF file) can be used for all the governmental organizations and private companies both of Egypt and Japan without any charge (for example, using the logo for the rice products, restaurants which use rice). When it is used, kindly inform to the Embassy of Japan in Egypt.


(3) The Symposium of the publishing relation of the “Irrigated Agriculture in Egypt - Past, Present and Future” [Day 2nd (March 19th)]


Editors: Dr Masayoshi Satoh, the emeritus professor, Tsukuba University, Japan

        Dr Samir Aboulroos, Cairo University, Faculty of Agriculture

Authors (the organization of the author’s researchers): National Water Research Center, Agriculture Research Center, Cairo University Faculty of Agriculture and several Japanese Universities


Please refer to the external link:




5 Agenda

[Day 1st (18th (Sat) March)]


10:00~11:00 Opening ceremony
*coffee break

11:20~12:20 Presentations from Japanese companies (if required) and Egyptian government

12:30~14:00 *Side event 1

Symposium [100 years' anniversary of Yabani rice* cultivation]
*Yabani rice: This is the phrase which means the Egyptian rice originated from Japanese variety

14:00~14:20 Dance Show for celebration of Egyptian rice [New]

14:30~ 15:00 Providing Japanese Cuisine [New]

15:00~17:00 Business Dialogue



[Day 2nd (19th (Sun) March)]


10:00~11:30 *Side event 2

Symposium [Promotion of publishing the book for "History of irrigation in Egypt"]


*coffee break


12:00~13:00 Presentations from Egyptian private companies

13:00~17:00 Business Dialogue



6 Registration

All participants of the event are required the registration in advance of the event.

Kindly fill the required information in the registered form (the URL link) and send it by email to the Embassy of Japan in Egypt.


Email: japan.foodbiz.egypt@ca.mofa.go.jp

The deadline of the registration is by (Tuesday) 28 Feb 2017. 【new】

*There is the possibility of restricted admission according to the capacity of the event room. 


7 Contact

The Embassy of Japan in Egypt

Economic section

Tel: +20-(0)2-2528-5910 (Ext: 311, 312)

FAX +20-(0)2-2528-5935



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