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Opening Ceremony of ‘The Project for Empowerment and Employment Support for Women in Old Cairo’




On Monday, 15th April 2019, H.E. Mr. Masaki Noke, Ambassador of Embassy of Japan to Egypt attended a ceremony to celebrate the inauguration of ‘The Project for Empowerment and Employment Support for Women in Old Cairo’ at Gozour Foundation. The project was supported by the Japan’s grant assistance ($81,993). Mr. Ali Mokhtar, Chairman of Gozour Foundation, and Mrs. Azaa Mohamed El Gendy, Unit Manager of ministry of Social Solidarity, also attended the ceremony.
The project supports women in Old Cairo through business English and IT skill training programs. It also provides extensive employment support services such as job counseling, self-development courses and enhancement of communication skills.
At the ceremony, Mr. Mokhtar made opening remarks that Gozour Foundation have reached 90,000 women in Egypt and supported them from multiple aspects - economic, social and educational. Ambassador Noke expressed his respect to Gozour Foundation for their continuous efforts in initiating programs to make a difference in lives of women in need in Egypt. He referred to Japan’s initiatives to strengthen the role of women in the international arena; and emphasized that acquiring business English and IT skills will help the women to enter into formal job market. He also highlighted that the role of women is central to sustainable socio-economic development of the country.

In the ceremony, two women who have completed the training programs gave short speeches in English. They demonstrated their fluency in English and expressed their confidence in utilizing business English and IT skills which helped them find a suitable profession to improve their lives. They showed their appreciation for financial support from the Government of Japan for the programs.

This grant is extended under the Japanese government’s assistance scheme of the “Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots and Human Security Projects” which provides direct support to non-profitable organizations including NGOs in fields such as health, social care, education, environment, vocational trainings and empowerment of women. Under this scheme, Japan has supported 167 projects since 1994.
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