Earthquake Information


Earthquake Information


Answers to Questions about the Contest for Designing Commemorative Coins for the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Project [March 18, 2012]

Prime Minister Noda's Interview with Foreign Press [March 3, 2012]

Messages from Foreigners in Japan [May 19, 2011]

Information on Recovery (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website) [May 19, 2011]

Donations to Support Relief Efforts [May 16, 2011]

Message from Prime Minister Naoto Kan: Kizuna - The Bonds of Friendship [April 11, 2011]

Information on safety in relation to radioactivity level [April 10, 2011]

Acknowledgement by Norihiro Okuda the Ambassador of Japan Regarding the messages of sympathy from the Egyptian people [March 31, 2011]

Message from Prime Minister Naoto Kan Regarding Assistance Received from Overseas [March 22, 2011]

Book of Condolence [March 16, 2011]

Embassy Expresses Gratitude for Messages of Sympathy

Tohoku district - off the Pacific Ocean Earthquake [Ministry of Foreign Affairs website]


Flowers from Egyptian people brought to the Embassy


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