Ezzat Mohamed Sayed (Cairo Japanese School Liaison Officer) Director, Diplomatic Mission Abroad Commendation

On September 13, 2023, at the Cairo Japanese School Ambassador Oka praised Mr. Ezzat Mohammed Sayed of the Cairo Japanese School for his many years of achievements and awarded him the Director, Diplomatic Mission Abroad Commendation. The Commendation of the Director's Overseas Mission is given to persons or organizations recognized as Cooperation in the execution of the performance of the duties of diplomatic missions abroad and having made remarkable and outstanding contributions, such as promoting mutual understanding and friendship with the country of appointment.
Mr. Ezzat has worked at the Cairo Japanese School for 35 years, since 1988, supporting the daily activities of the Japanese school. At the ceremony at Cairo Japanese School, the students’ representative presented Mr. Ezzat with a bouquet of flowers and expressed his deep gratitude, and received warm applause from the staff, parents, and all students.
Also, on the 14th, at the Ambassador's Residence, members of the Japanese School Management Committee once again congratulated Mr. and Mrs. Ezzat.