Leaflet on Japan’s Support to Gaza (April, 2024)

Since October 7, 2023, the Government of Japan has been implementing humanitarian assistance worth more than USD 100 million in areas of food, water, health and medical care through international organizations such as UNRWA and Egyptian Red Crescent (ERC) to improve humanitarian situation in Palestine, especially Gaza Strip. Furthermore, based on UNRWA's request, Japan decided to make in-kind contributions (blankets, jerry cans, plastic sheets and sleeping mats) to UNRWA under the International Peace Cooperation Law.
Humanitarian assistance through JICA has been also implemented to provide tents, medical supplies and other items to people in Gaza.
    In addition to those assistance to Palestine, Japan decided to provide Grant Aid of USD 8.3 million through WHO to hospitals in Egypt where seriously injured persons and newborns from Gaza are received and treated.
   Japan will continue to work with the Egyptian Government, ERC and other partners as well as international organizations and NGOs to provide prompt assistance in response to the needs on the ground.
Japan’s Support to Gaza