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 Human Exchange and Dialogue Program

The government of Japan has a wide range of human exchange and dialogue programs with Japan and Egypt. Here you can see some examples of the programs and activities that the Embassy of Japan is involved in, to allow Egyptians to visit Japan for the purpose of promoting friendship and mutual understanding between Japan and Egypt and fostering a spirit of international cooperation.

1. Political Dialogue

Japan and Egypt enjoy good bilateral relations. The two countries are discussing important regional and international issues, to help each other achieve common goals.

  • (1) Political Dialogue between high-level Governmental Officials from both countries

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  • (2) The Japanese- Arab Dialogue Forum

    The Forum was established as a part of the initiative to strengthen the dialogue between Japan and Arab countries. The members of the forum are influential figures in various fields from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Japan. The Japanese members are headed by Mr. Ryutaro Hashimoto, former Prime Minister; the Egyptian members are headed by Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Director of the Library of Alexandria; and the Saudi Arabian members are headed by Mr. Khaled Al- Gosaibi, Minister of Planning and Economy. They have all participated in the forum meetings.

    1 - First Session: 4-5 September 2003, Tokyo

          [ http://www.mofa.go.jp/region/middle_e/forum/meet0309-o.html ]

          2 - Second Session: 3-4 March 2004, Alexandria, Egypt


          [ http://www.mofa.go.jp/region/middle_e/forum/meet0403.html ]


          3 - Third Session: 8-9 January 2005, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

          [ http://www.mofa.go.jp/region/middle_e/forum/meet0501.pdf ]


  • (3) The Japan-Egypt Joint Committee

    Since the first meeting of the Joint Committee held in Cairo in June 1983, there have been meetings alternately in Tokyo and Cairo, carried on in a spirit of friendship and understanding, with a view to expanding and diversifying mutually beneficial areas of cooperation.

    The 12th Meeting of the Japan-Egypt Joint Committee was held on 9-10 December 1999 in Tokyo. The Egyptian side was headed by Ambassador Mohamed Orabi, Director of the Foreign Minister's Cabinet and Assistant Foreign Minister, while the Japanese side was headed by Mr. Yukio Takeuchi, Deputy Vice-Minister for Foreign Policy, and Mr. Kishichiro Amae, Director-General of the Middle East and African Affairs Bureau.

    During the meeting, measures were discussed to move ahead in the "Japan-Egypt Partnership Program", in addition to the possibility of forging Japanese-Egyptian-African Triangular Cooperation and attracting Japanese tourists to Egypt. Other subjects of discussion included both the regional and the international situation and global issues. Through an exchange of views on various issues such as the Middle East peace process, Iraq, disarmament and arms control, the two sides stressed further cooperation in fields of mutual interest and constant dialogue.

2. Economic Dialogue


  • (1) The Japan-Egypt Joint Business Council

    During President Mubarak’s visit to Tokyo in 1999, both Japanese and Egyptian governments shared the view that developing business-to-business relations and facilitating business activities are important for strengthening bilateral economic relations. In light of this, the two governments agreed to support the revitalization of the Egypt-Japan Business Council and the Japan-Egypt Business Council. The two countries’ Joint Business Council w
    as held in Cairo in 1999 and 2002, and in Tokyo in 2000.
    The sixth meeting was held in Tokyo in 2005.

3. Cultural Dialogue

September 11th and the subsequent war in Iraq have underscored the importance of interaction among civilizations to achieve peacefully the co-existence of people from different social and cultural backgrounds. In order to deepen the understanding of other civilizations and nurture tolerance of others, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has been organizing a lot of seminars, forums, missions, and other events.


  • (1) Seminar for Dialogue among Civilizations between Japan and the Islamic World

    "Dialogue among Civilizations with the World of Islam" was one of the pillars suggested in the "Toward Multi-layered Relations with Gulf Countries", announced in January 2001 when then Minister for Foreign Affairs Yohei Kono visited Gulf countries. The aim was to realize frank and active dialogue among scholars and experts from Japan and Islamic countries. It was expected that meaningful discussions would be held to promote mutual understanding between Japan and Islamic countries through the seminar.

    1 - The first seminar: “The Islamic World and Japan” ( 12 and 13 March, 2002 Bahrain )

    2 - The second seminar: "Peace and Human Development" ( October 8, 2003 Tokyo )

  • (2) Cultural Exchange and Dialogue Mission with Middle Eastern Countries

    From 19th September till 1st October 2003, the government of Japan dispatched a mission for cultural exchange and dialogue with Middle Eastern countries that included Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, and Egypt.

    This mission consisted of leading Japanese intellectuals, who exchanged their views with intellectuals, academics and artists from each Middle East country. They also held symposiums to discuss with senior officials how Japan and Middle Eastern countries can promote cultural exchange in the future.

    This mission was dispatched in light of the policy announced in the press conference after the summit meeting between Prime Minister Koizumi and President Mubarak in May 2003.

Other Schemes for Invitations to Japan

The ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has several kinds of schemes, inviting Egyptian nationals to Japan in order to promote human exchange and a variety of levels of dialogue on a number of levels between the two countries. Here you can see some examples.

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Exchange Program for Egyptian Youth
On the occasion of the visit of H.E. Mr. Hosni Mubarak, the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, to Japan in April 1999, it was decided to establish the “Japan-Egypt Partnership Program”. In this program, the two governments are requested to promote cooperation to activate youth and academic exchange between the two countries including their governments, universities, think tanks and local governments.

Ship for World Youth (SWY) Program
The participants are from Japan and about 13 other countries. There are 120 Japanese youths and 11 youths from each other country. The participating countries are changed every year, except Japan. They spend about 50 days together on board the ship and partake in a variety of activities to learn more and widen their global views.


Global Youth Exchange Program

In an effort to promote international mutual understanding, the GYE program invites to Japan promising youths around the globe who will assure great responsibilities in the 21th century, and organizes lectures and sessions for exchange of views on a global topic among the participants. The Program also intends to promote the participants' understanding of  Japan by arranged visits to various cities in Japan as well as by exchanges with the Japanese people.

Japan, Jordan, Egypt and Palestine Women’s Program
An exchange started between Japan and Jordan on a small scale, when Her Royal Highness Princess, Basma Bint Talal of Jordan visited Japan and met with Japanese ladies in 1993. Then the “Japan and Jordan Women’s Exchange Program” was proposed by the Japanese Government on the occasion of the official visit of Crown Prince, Al-Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan in 1995. It was implemented in the following year.

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